‘All-in-One’ Has a New Meaning for F&I with truFinance

Car buyers often cite their biggest complaint with the F&I process is the time it takes to walk through paperwork, financing options, DMV forms, and the hard-sell of aftermarket products and protections. No one has ever said ‘Wow...that was so quick!’ when it came to buying the car.

One of the time consuming issues in the F&I office is the menu presentation. Buyers are shown all of their financing options and rates, then another menu with the VSC, PPM, GAP, etc. plus bundles if offered. It can be a lot of back and forth and switching from one window to another.

F&I managers have to pull it all together in one cohesive presentation with not very much time and try to sell anything and everything while the buyers are looking at their watches. It’s always a tightrope act.

What if we told you there was an easier way to consolidate your financing partners and your F&I providers all in one free menu? Easy for the buyers to look at and easy for the F&I managers to review with them? Yes...it’s real.

truFinance, powered by truWarranty, offers a portal to connect with indirect lenders in your state who might be able to offer better loan products for your buyers than what your store currently offers. And who doesn’t love more options, right?

To make this platform even better, truMenu is offered at no additional cost when you include one or more products like truVSC or any other product offered through truWarranty. Finance and aftermarket products, all in one seamless interface. No switching back and forth between other menus and no excessive fees to chip away at your profit margins. Use with your existing product providers or use ours (we think you’ll like us better anyway).

Finance partners ready with low buy rates, extra room for F&I products that pushes out to 125% NADA, 640 FICO and higher, and strong backend allowances all make for a finance channel that gives your F&I department the extra lift it needs while things get back to normal...and beyond.

Any all-in-one program like this should be easy to deploy, backed by top rated in-house administration, and with training & support that is second to none in the market.

Sound good? We think so. Click here to learn more about truFinance today. We’re happy to walk you through the program and show you how fast you can roll this out at your store.

date published
September 27, 2021

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