Tips to Counter the DIY Etch Kit Objections in F&I

Etch gets a bad name. So many industry experts and consumer pundits assume it’s not worth much for getting your car back after being stolen. F&I departments know different, that it can help shorten the time to recover the stolen vehicle for such a small cost at purchase.

But what about the customer that comes into the F&I office pushing back on the window etch product you offer saying they can get a DIY kit on Amazon to do the same thing?

Here are some tips to overcome that objection and how to position etch as a program more buyers will be likely to buy:

  • Great for Crafters? - Most of the kits available for sale online are actually more for crafters who want to etch wine glasses or other glass items, not their car windows. Adding your wedding date to a champagne flute is not the same as having protection against a vehicle not recovered after a theft and getting a payout to help replace it. Be sure to clarify that and highlight the protection and professional (and fast) application.
  • Higher Cost, Better Protection - Remind your buyers that etch purchased from the dealer means faster claims adjudication and better protection, both of which are absent from DIY kits online. The dealership has to stand behind it and have efficient claims processes in place to insure a fast payout (with TruEtch, upt to $5000 that can be put towards a replacement is no recovery). DIY kits offer nothing.
  • Correct Application - DIY-ers are less likely to understand how to properly apply etch. Let your buyers know that the dealership personnel are trained in how to apply and more importantly, where to apply. You can’t just scribble it on one or two windows.

Consider etch as a preload as a reasonable cost to the buyer and in a time where the cost of a car is rapidly accelerating, they are more likely to see it as useful extra protection against loss from theft.

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date published
December 17, 2021

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