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All your Lenders and F&I Products, inside one interface.

Sign up your dealership with ease

When you click the Sign Up button, you will leave our website and be redirected to the form to securely complete the dealership setup.

Upon submission, the populated PDF will be emailed that is ready to be signed by the dealership owner/manager.

Gain easy access to a variety of lenders

Simple process: Optimized & seamless sign-up process focused on minimizing delays.
Quick approval: Pre-offers happen in seconds to ensure quick and smooth syndication of auto loans.
Maximum Revenue: Our VSCs, GAP, and other F&I products are available for all loans, with industry-best pricing and coverages.

Get your loans funded faster

truFinance is a paradigm shift for used car financing companies and auto dealerships. Our next-generation platform streamlines the entire loan process and helps dealerships boost vehicle sales by reducing the time to fund and title.

The result is more loans funded more quickly, with maximum F&I profit for your dealerships.
Our financial Products
Prime, Subprime, Near Prime Loans
Facilitating Auto Financing
We transform auto financing processes by connecting independent used auto dealerships and institutional investors for a smooth, transparent, and safe experience.
Innovative Syndication Platform
truFinance uses a proprietary syndication platform designed to deliver maximum benefits to lenders and used auto dealerships.

Leverage our Platform and accelerate Your Financing Process

Sign up quickly and receive a rapid evaluation of whether the financing request meets one of our lender’s credit box terms.
User-friendly interface to submit all financing details and supporting documents.
Instant and error-free eligibility check process.
Up front information about applicants, applications, and vehicles under review.
All-in-one platform provides dealerships Finance & Insurance (F&I) products on top of an extensive financing network.
Extensive insights on credit applications to help facilitate quality underwriting compliance.

Syndication Process

The process is quick, painless, and easy from submission to funding. There are only four simple steps required to provide same day funding.

10:00AM EST

Application submitted; all loan details (including personal and vehicle information) are entered into platform.

10:15AM EST

Loans are run through both traditional and alternative data algorithms to assess quality and most competitive pricing available for borrower.

10:45AM EST

All compliant documents are packaged and provided to dealerships. Dealerships are able to close customers on the spot and add on additional finance and insurance products.

11:00AM EST

Dealership uploads all required documents; loan is processed for funding. Dealer liquidity is provided with same day funding.

Becoming a participating Lender

Quick Sign-up
Apply with minimum personal details
Submit Paperwork
Provide all required documentation
Unlock Profile
Start lending/borrowing within hours of sign-up

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