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Never pay for a menu again.


An Industry First
TruMenu is the industry’s first free F&I menu that is compatible with all administrators.
No minimum volume, no strings attached.
Fully featured, with no restrictions.
TruMenu’s beautiful interface supports up to 3 columns, and works in any browser or iPad.  It’s ideal for dealerships both large and small.
Getting started is simple, and only takes 48 hours.
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Fully functional F&I menu at no cost to anyone.  No monthly fees.  No strings attached.
Display all your *existing* warranty providers inside TruMenu.  Yes, Kumbaya is real.
Easy-to-use selling interface means your dealerships sell more.
The TruMenu product logo.

Post-COVID, dealerships are actively consolidating their vendor relationships. This includes warranty & service contract administrators and leaves agents at risk of losing business.

Conversely, this same consolidation of vendors represents a major opportunity for agents to gain business using TruMenu.  Now you can use “Boss Mode” to gain valuable insight into all your competitors’ products being sold at your dealerships.

TruMenu makes you the first point of contact for any changes related to your dealers’ F&I departments.  Want to know when your competition implements a rate increase?  Changes their coverage?  You’ll be the first to know, and therefore the first to bring better solutions to the table.

We offer a variety of coverage levels, options, and terms — all with great benefits included —to meet the needs and budget of every customer.

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truwarranty products work with every major menu system available.

Seriously, every major menu system.

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