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Know exactly what is and is not working in your F&I Office.

Get immediate feedback on the performance of your existing warranties and F&I Managers.

Pinpoint your F&I Pain Points

How does your dealership stack up?

Every deal, every player, every product, down to the penny. A data-driven dashboard to help you drive F&I profit.

Which F&I products made your dealership the most money in the last 90 days? Last 365 days?
Which F&I Managers deserve a raise? Who needs to up their game?
What F&I products do you need to ditch? Which should you add?
The TruReports dashboard,.
We help you connect your DMS with TruReports.  This literally takes 5 minutes online, and our step-by-step directions make it easy.
Optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile making data easily accessible from any location.
No installation required
Works no matter your device—compatible with MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows platforms
Scaled for smartphones
1 dealership or 100 dealerships—real-time data at your fingertips
Full claims adjudication.
Fully backed by A-rated insurance company.
Want the benefit paid to the customer or to the dealership? We’ve got both flavors.
With TruReports you know where your dealerships are and can easily correct your course in real-time to drive gross profit.
It's really that simple.

To gain access to TruReports all you have to do is pick any TruWarranty product to roll out.
TruReports has complete DMS integration—only enter your data once.
Filterable data—maximize opportunities in real-time.
Single click answers at your fingertips—save time by not having to sort through layers of data.
The TruReports product logo.

Never pay for an F&I Menu again

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truwarranty products work with every major menu system available.

Seriously, every major menu system.

Need to file a claim or cancel a contract?