No Service Drive at Your Independent Lot? No Problem with VSC+

Independent dealers that don’t have a service drive may think they are at a disadvantage over local franchises or similar lots that may have a few bays to do simple repair work. 

But we don’t see a disadvantage…we see opportunity. An opportunity to offer your customers a unique protection package that helps increase F&I profits in a substantial way. And an opportunity to set your independent lot ahead of any others in your market.

truWarranty’s VSC+ - Next Level Protection for Everyone

At a time when used car dealers of all sizes are still recovering from record high wholesale prices and sparse inventory, being able to offer your customer a truly comprehensive total protection & service plan is a win for your F&I profits and for your customer.

Most customers may not expect to be offered a plan like truWarranty’s VSC+ if your dealership doesn’t have a service drive (especially the maintenance and replacement piece). Plans that offer those components are usually leveraged to bring customers back to the store for all of their maintenance but our plan allows your customers to go to the facility of their choice to make sure their car is serviced and repaired fast and efficiently.

So they can’t come back to you for these services but they will remember the value you provided for their new purchase. 

And if you private label VSC+ to your unique dealership brand, you increase the ‘Why Buy Here’ value proposition in a BIG way, letting your local car shoppers know that your store is offering a deeper level of protection and regular maintenance than other local dealers may offer. 

What is VSC+ Anyway?

Let’s break down all the details of this protection & maintenance package and highlight what makes it special…

Annual Services

  • 5 annual services including - up to 3 oil changes per year (great for high mileage drivers) up to $50 each.
  • Alignment check to $25 each
  • State safety inspection to $55 each
  • Tire rotation to $35 each
  • Engine diagnostic to $45 each. 

Single Use Services

  • Brake Shoes/Pads - up to $140
  • Replacement Battery (excluding HEV) - up to $100
  • Cooling System - up to $55
  • Wiper Blade Replacement (Front/Back) - up to $20
  • 3 Manufacturer Recommended Services - up to $20/$40/$60 successively

4 Levels of VSC

  • Powertrain (affordable but handles the expensive basic stuff)

  • Powertrain Plus (the basics plus a little more, great for older cars)

  • Select (Comprehensive coverage for most components)

  • Total (Exactly what the name implies….coverage for practically everything)

But wait…there’s more - 

VSC+ also includes - 

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance (battery jump, lock out, fluid delivery, flat tire help)
  • Trip Interruption (if your customers are stuck over 100 miles away with a breakdown, up to 5 days meal/lodging up to $200 per day)
  • Sign & Drive Tow up to $50
  • Rental Reimbursement (up to 5 days for a rental at $50 per day)

What makes this a slam dunk for your F&I department?

Instead of having to offer two separate packages to handle all of these important protections for your customer, you’re able to offer it in one simple offering at a reasonable cost (low back-end cost). 

Couple that with an A-rated claims experience led by ASE certified techs and your independent dealership can compete against any stores in your market. 

VSC+ by truWarranty comes at a time when car shoppers are already paying higher interest rates and higher prices which leads to higher monthly payments. Being able to offer a way to guard against unexpected repairs and help insure that both basic and recommended maintenance are as inexpensive as possible are the best ways to help with the higher cost of buying a car.

Reach out here to chat with us…we’d love to show you how easy it is to offer VSC+ to every customer to start making more and helping your customers save more down the road.

date published
December 23, 2022

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