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We’re so glad you’ve found your way to our dealer resources page. Think of this as your one-stop shop for any available documents that our dealers might need. While we’ve provided requested documents via email in the past, the resources page was created to allow for our dealers to have access to documents/forms/material without having to wait on us… immediate access is our goal as much as possible!

(To download, click any item and it will open in a new window. From the new window your can download directly to your device using the download button in the top right.)

Dealer Resources


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You’ll see folders for the various types of material available and you can click into each one to view them.

When you move your mouse cursor over the file you’d like to download, a gray bar will appear with an arrow in the right corner. If you click on the arrow, it will give you the option to download the file, or you can click on the file to preview it.

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Operations Department


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Operations Department

Feel free to reach out to us with questions and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer, or help route your question to the best contact at TruWarranty.

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