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An F&I provider finally designed by dealers, for dealers.

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Introducing the first F&I program designed from the ground up by actual auto dealers.

Our innovative approach to F&I is the result of countless 20 Group meetings.

We asked dealers for input and feedback on how to improve our entire F&I program, and then incorporated all the top ideas.

truWarranty represents the crystallization & combination of proven best practices from successful dealers across the nation.

We've brought back the human element

to Claims Adjudication—our claims process is easy, friendly, and effective. Every claim is paid out instantly via one-time-use credit card numbers for the exact amount of the approval.

Starting your claim is as easy as emailing, texting, or calling our in-house experts.

All the best F&I products under one umbrella.

truWarranty has assembled a greatest hits playlist for your dealerships, all inside one easy-to-use interface.

Our unique background and experience gives you every possible F&I product available.

our products


All the best coverages, under one roof.

We’re a full-fledged F&I administrator with the most complete line-up of products available for automotive dealers.

why truwarranty?

truWarranty offers all the warranty & service contract products that your dealerships want. Stop paying extra for excess training (and trips), and start using modern F&I programs designed for digital retailing.


All truWarranty products are designed to pay claims, and keep your dealership’s customers happy and coming back—to YOUR dealership.


Service departments love our claims process—our trained team of claims experts make it easier than any other administrator.


truWarranty products are backed by A-rated insurance clips from the biggest names in the business, ensuring that consumers’ contracts are always covered.


All truWarranty products are designed from the ground up to keep your dealership compliant, and approved by the industry’s leading actuaries.

reinsurance, made easy

If your dealership qualifies, reinsurance couldn’t be simpler—we charge the same admin fees regardless.


Being an excellent administrator requires excellent processes, and truWarranty understands the important of consistent execution—especially when it comes to claims adjudication, reporting, ACH handling, or contract administration.
All the best 20 Group ideas, under one umbrella.

Participating in your 20 Group is easy. The actual implementation of those great ideas has always been hard.  Until now.

We took feedback from multiple 20 Groups and used the very best ideas to optimize proven F&I products such as VSC, GAP, and warranties. Every single truWarranty product has been refined according to 20 Group feedback.

truWarranty is approved by more lenders than any other provider, and available nationwide.
Recognized by all major lenders, so that you get maximum allowance for VSC and GAP products.
Compliant in all 50 states, with all forms approved by F&I Sentinel.  Backed by A-rated insurance.
Our list of lender partners keeps growing—if your regional lender of choice isn’t on our list, we’ll add them.
We offer zero chargebacks on our vehicle service contracts and GAP.
Images of the TruWarranty website on iPad and iPhone
Deploy Remotely

Switching to truWarranty products is easy to do remotely.

Everything we do is digital—all our contracts, brochures, agreements, forms, and instruction guides are easy to access online.

Deploying our programs is disruption-free when all you have to do is swap out electronic forms.

TruWarranty Agent Resources screenshot.
We have the widest, strongest selection of F&I products of anyone.  That means that making the switch from your current provider is painless and easier than you think.  Whatever F&I products your dealership is currently selling, we already have.

Our dealership clients experience an average jump in per vehicle revenue (PVR) of $697—in the very first month.
The dealer dashboard demonstrated on a MacBook

truwarranty products work with every major menu system available.

Just one more way we make it easy to consolidate your F&I vendors.

Need to file a claim or cancel a contract?