Training Up the Sales Staff for Preloaded Appearance Bundles

Training can be a tricky thing at a dealership. Too heavy-handed and you risk insulting salespeople that have been at this for years. Go too easy and the message won’t resonate and they go rogue. It’s a delicate balance and not without its headaches.

When a dealership includes a preloaded appearance bundle with each unit, then it really becomes a challenge. Salespeople are focused on selling the features and benefits of the car itself...the options, safety rating, performance, etc. What is on the sticker is all that matters and that is what they are trained to convey to the car buyer.

Preloaded bundles are not on the Monroney...they appear on an addendum below it and now they have to walk the customer through the benefits of this included coverage that the customer did not ask for or even know was included at all.


Never fear...there are some easy tips to help train the salespeople to counter any objections to the bundle and to present the benefits of the coverage

  • Educate Early - Conduct some training sessions right before you roll out the bundles and have an agent or rep from your aftermarket administrator help explain the finer points. This helps bolster the confidence in your salespeople to present it properly.
  • Role Play Common Scenarios - A tried-and-true training strategy that works wonders with both vets and new salespeople. Walk through the common scenarios of a car buyer questioning the addendum and asking for the charge to be removed. It’s effective and will give added confidence to your salesperson that they can handle any picky buyer.
  • Add a Little Spiff - Now this may seem a bit controversial but throwing a small spiff to each salesperson for every bundle that ‘sticks’ could be a nice added bit of motivation. You want them to really drive home the benefit of this preloaded bundle and not let the customer remove the charge. This may help...a nominal amount but it could add up if every unit they sell keeps the package.

It’s important to train the sales staff to understand why the bundle is preloaded, the benefits to the dealership in terms of easy profits, and that this level of exclusive coverage can help then sell more units overall. Click here for more details on how you can easily add a preloaded appearance bundle to every unit today. We can also help you get everyone ready to sell it, too!

Appearance Bundles
date published
August 14, 2020

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