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Which dealer did you purchase your vehicle from?*
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Miles at Time of Cancellation - Use 0 Miles for Tow Behind RVs*
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Date of Cancellation will be the date you completed this request.
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Please print and complete the Odometer Disclosure Statement document below, then upload the completed & signed document to the cancellation form.
* Attention *  Download and complete the required Odometer Statement. Cancellations WILL NOT be processed unless the completed and notarized Odometer Statement is provided.
Upload Required Odometer Statement & Documents Here. This is required to process your cancellation.
Max file size 10MB.
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Upload Proof of Payoff, or Refinance Documentation, if required
Max file size 10MB.
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What did you purchase from the dealership?*
Lien Holder (Type None If No Lien Holder Applies)*
If the product you are canceling is part of a payment plan through a secondary finance company such as BUDCO, SPP, Paylink or Line 5, you must contact the payment provider directly to furnish a cancellation. You cannot use cancellation proceeds toward the purchase of another vehicle and you will not receive a direct refund from the Dealer or Administrator.
If you are using your Refund towards the purchase of a vehicle, which Dealership are you purchasing your new vehicle from?
Cancellation fund amount to be used towards new purchase
Deal number cancellation proceeds are being applied to
Please allow up to four weeks for processing. Contact the Dealership with questions or concerns.

By signing below you are agreeing to the terms of cancellation. Cancellation fees may apply. Once this form has been completed you cannot reinstate your contracts for any reason.

truWarranty offers this site as a service to consumers to expedite the refunds for contracts they have purchased from Dealerships offering the truWarranty program. Proof of odometer is required to ensure the accuracy of your refund. Your cancellation will not be processed without the required notarized odometer statement.

You may cancel your contracts in person by visiting the Dealership. Take the required documents listed under the “Reason for Cancellation” section above.

All cancellation refunds are sent by the Dealership directly to the lienholder. Refunds may be delayed by the lienholder. Please call the lienholder if you have not received cancellation funds in more than four weeks.
Upon submission you will receive an email to e-sign the final document, which will complete your request to cancel your contract.
Thank you—check your email for the final step. You will need to e-sign the form to complete the process.
There was an issue with your submission, please review all fields and try again.

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