Tips for Selling Etch in F&I & How to Overcome Common Objections

Window etch has always gotten a bit of a bad rap. Industry experts and consumer experts assume it’s not worth much for getting your car back after being stolen. 

F&I departments know different, that it can help shorten the time to recover the stolen vehicle for such a small cost at purchase.

In fact, etch could be presented in an entirely new way that could make it a more appealing and valuable service that won’t come under the same scrutiny as in years past.

How? Preload it. 

High ROI and  a Little Extra Peace of Mind

Dealers who want to increase their penetration on this product are usually fighting an uphill battle when trying to convince buyers how valuable etch can be. After all, some insurance companies have started to offer a nominal discount if the car has it applied and as vehicle thefts have risen over the last few years in some markets, etch can help in recovery efforts.

But what if a dealer decided to etch EVERY unit automatically? Offering this as a standard benefit of buying from your store makes this an easy way to raise CSI and pump up the value proposition of buying from your store versus any other local dealer who doesn’t offer it.

The actual kit to apply the etch is generally very inexpensive so ROI can be high when offering an overlapping protection through your administrator. Your buyer can opt to buy the protection or not but if it’s offered at the right price, it should be an easy add-on.

It’s a small offering but it can have a powerful effect on a stolen vehicle recovery.

Asking the Right Questions Helps Ease the DIY Objection

Asking if the buyer’s insurance company offers a discount would be the first question and a follow up question may be whether or not the buyers intend to take a lot of road trips over the life of the car. 

That sets up the discussion about having the vehicle in unfamiliar areas and wanting to make sure there is an extra level of protection in case of theft.

But what about the customer that comes into the F&I office pushing back on the window etch product you offer saying they can get a DIY kit on Amazon to do the same thing? 

Here are some tips to overcome that objection and how to position etch as a program more buyers will be likely to buy:

  • This is NOT A Craft Project - Most of the kits available for sale online are actually more for crafters who want to etch wine glasses or other glass items, not their car windows. Adding your wedding date to a champagne flute is not the same as having protection against a vehicle not recovered after a theft and getting a payout to help replace it. Be sure to clarify that and highlight the protection and professional (and fast) application.

  • Buying from Dealers is Better - Remind your buyers that etch purchased from the dealer means faster claims adjudication and better protection, both of which are absent from DIY kits online. The dealership has to stand behind it and have efficient claims processes in place to insure a fast payout (with truEtch, up to $5000 that can be put towards a replacement if no recovery). DIY kits offer nothing.

  • Correct Application - DIY-ers are less likely to understand how to properly apply etch. Let your buyers know that the dealership personnel are trained in how to apply and more importantly, where to apply. You can’t just scribble it on one or two windows. 

Consider etch as a preload as a reasonable cost to the buyer and in a time where the cost of a car is cresting all time highs, they are more likely to see it as useful extra protection against theft. 

If you offer etch with every car and then offer the protection coverage in F&I as a low cost ancillary, you may be surprised by the buyers willingness to consider the upsell. Etch may not be the coolest product to pitch but it can be an easier sell by simply including it with every unit.

Give us a holler here and find out how your dealership can easily get every unit preloaded with truEtch within a week. Yes….that fast.

date published
April 14, 2023

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