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Anti-theft program

Your customers will rest easy knowing that, if stolen, their vehicle can be recovered.

DID you know?

A vehicle is stolen every 26 seconds.
More than one million vehicles are stolen every year and most are never recovered.
If your customer is lucky enough to get their vehicle back, it will likely require thousands of dollars in repairs on which they will have to pay an insurance deductible.

How it works

Everything is digital, simple to install, and preloaded at me lost cost.
Theft Protection can help by deterring professional thieves.The program utilizes a specialized etching process that makes your vehicles traceable by police.
If a customer’s vehicle is stolen and not recovered (deemed a total loss by their primary insurance carrier), the program will pay a replacement allowance of up to $5,000* toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle from the original selling dealership.
They’ll also get up to $500 for rental car allowance.

We offer a variety of coverage levels, options, and terms — all with great benefits included —to meet the needs and budget of every customer.

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truwarranty products work with every major menu system available.

Just one more way we make it easy to consolidate your F&I vendors.

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