We All Need it Sometime…Preload Windshield Protection for Easy Profits and Higher CSI

We talk a lot about packages for Line 1 preloads as a way to pump up PVR with little pushback from customers who are more focused than ever on keeping cars longer due to rising prices.

But when is it ok to offer just one preloaded product? Sometimes that can be a homerun all by itself with the right customer base.

Your customers are going to be looking for any deal they can get beyond just the price of the vehicle. For those buyers who are going to be particularly resistant to adding any F&I products, preloading one simple protection may be the answer.

One Product Every Buyer Would Appreciate

If most of your inventory is coming in at a lower price point, a simple preload for one protection that everyone would agree is a must for any new and used car. 

Windshield protection. Simple, low cost, and easy installation. 

Salespeople can be trained to close on this protection with every customer as an inexpensive protection that adds extra peace of mind to the customer who logs a lot of miles. 

And when you factor in the out of pocket cost of replacing a windshield now that we are living in the day of insane inflation, it will be welcome peace of mind.

After all, everyone at some point gets a chip or crack in their windshield and has to go through the hassle of working with their car insurer (and that’s if they have comprehensive coverage).

If positioned right, you should not have many customers say ‘No’ to the addition of it.

Reasonable Price is Essential

Price it well and stress to the customer that this level of protection is part of your store’s commitment to helping customers keep their field of vision crystal clear for safety and appearance. 

The only objection (that insurance will cover it) can be handled easily by explaining that the application keeps the windshield from having to be replaced and all without a deductible. Most insurance companies may charge some nominal deductible amount for replacement. Your dealer windshield protection covers chips so that replacement is less likely right from the start. 

Nice Profit Bump

It may not seem like a high-dollar add but if you have 100 cars in inventory and you hold a 90% penetration on this protection at a net profit of even $150 or so, that’s thousands of dollars for the dealership with minimal effort beyond the right branding strategy and good talking points for sales.

Sometimes it’s ok to start with one dealer-branded add to see how your market reacts. And while it may not be the most exciting or high margin product to preload, you may be surprised at the customer reaction to having this low cost protection included well before they go to F&I to finish the deal.

Want to know how easy it is to add windshield protection to your inventory? Hit us up here to find out about ExoVision.

date published
May 26, 2023

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