4 Best Preloaded Products for 2023

Preloading ancillaries in F&I has been talked about here for a while now. The advantages of having products already included in Line 1 of the sticker adds value to the car. It helps your customer with important protections that surround the expensive repairs or replacements that could come at the wrong time for them financially.

But in 2023, what preloaded products are the best fit? Have the economic conditions, which have changed dramatically over the last year, made certain products more important to offer as a preload than others? 

With interest rates staying higher than they have been in decades and the price of new and used cars reaching record highs, it doesn’t mean there are not opportunities to offer preloaded products that can help keep money in your customers’ pocket instead of at the service bay.

Let’s take a quick look at 4 F&I products truWarranty offers that make more sense now in the current buying climate your customers are navigating. 

  1. truIdentity - Identity theft is no joke (as The Office’s Dwight Shrute once said) and it really isn’t. It may seem like an odd product to add as a preload but with car buyers being stretched thin to make a deal happen and keep up with the rising cost of, well…everything, it makes sense to offer that peace of mind to them for little cost and without the hassle of adding it to the payment after the deal is reached. 

The last thing any of us need is having our identity stolen and our accounts compromised. It’s tough enough to get approved for loans without having this issue derail your credit standing. 

  1. truLifetime - Lifetime Powertrain coverage has become more popular in the last couple of years due to more buyers saying they intend on keeping their cars longer due to the new car shortage that has been slow to get back to pre-COVID levels. With higher monthly payments, having the most expensive repairs covered beyond the manufacturer policy seems like it makes a lot of sense. 

  1. truTire - ‘I love buying new tires’ said no one EVER. Make it easy for your buyers to know these expenses to replace costly tires and wheels are already covered. Road hazards, debris, and just scraping that curb in front of the house can all be a giant headache and often comes at the worst possible time. It’s a small but powerful protection that everyone will use at least once during ownership.

  1. truPDR -  This protection is important for everyone that wants their car to look good for the long haul but ALL lease customers should welcome this as a preload. Reconditioning fees are no joke and having the dents handled before turn-in can save a lot of money. Another low cost product to add to each car in inventory and something even finance buyers will be happy to especially if they are looking to trade in within the first few years. The better the car looks, the higher the ACV.

Give us a shout here and let us show you how easy it is to add these products or make your own custom preload package.

truWarranty is here to make sure all of these preloaded products can be launched within days and can easily be private labeled to YOUR dealership for the ultimate ‘Why Buy Here’ value proposition. It’s what we do.

date published
February 17, 2023

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