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GAP is now a commodity

A complete GAP solution for your F&I department.


Available for both new and used
Up to $125,000 coverage
Up to $1,000 deductible reimbursement
Approved with all major lenders
$50,000 max benefit
Up to 150% LTV
Up to 96-month terms
Commercial coverage available
Fully compliant with all F&I Sentinel requirements

Never pay for an F&I Menu again

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An Industry First
TruMenu is the industry’s first free F&I menu that is compatible with all administrators.
No minimum volume, no strings attached.
Fully featured, with no restrictions.
Get TruMenu free with TruGap

Aggressive pricing means maximum profit

Cut out the F&I fluff
Installation consists of a simple form change.

Get what you DO want:
Factory-direct pricing, with zero fluff
Backed by A-rated insurance company
All digital & electronic, with superior reporting
Best-in-class claims adjudication
Deploy remotely-it’s just a form change
100% compatible with all menus and DMS
No costs to get started
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Cross over to TruGAP, and gain instant access to TruMenu at no extra cost. Aggregate all your administrators in one beautiful selling interface.

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truwarranty products work with every major menu system available.

Seriously, every major menu system.

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